Next was design and built during a hackthon event in Taipei back in 2015 fall. Our founder Kevin Hon Chi Hang went there to look for talented developer to join the company. The best way to find the right person is to work with them directly. He is fortunate enough to team up with some talented developers and project manager to hack on a small projects in 36 hours.

We chose to build a mini game that run on Andriod platform. It is a game that need the player to tap the number in the right sequence within a certain amount of time.  We walked through out idea and the game flow in the moring then hack on the app directly afterwards. After almost 20 hours of continuous working, we were able to lock down the design and the basia function in a presentable manner.

We ended up with being chosen to be the finalise of this event. It was a great experenice for hiring tho.

The Project Flow

The game logomark and identity was built on the fly along with designing the game user interface. We pull down some game interfaces and logo for references from dirbbble, behance and pintereset, then narrow them down by filtering out some one page interfaces.

Here are some of the references;


Building the mark on top of the grid

To make the button tap looks more responsive on the play interface, we added some depth under each button to make it looks lifted up, so we can create the press effect on it.

This is the symbol of the app, so why not make it as our logomark.


The choice of color


Game Demo Video

Thank you my friend.

Got a project? We'd love to hear about it.

Now you've seen our selected work and have a basic idea about our process. If you think there is anything we can help, from tiny little stuff like leaflet, newsletter to a big project like application design and development. Feel free to send us a message, phone call or email. We can have a coffee somewhere around the world or chat via the internet.

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